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Woohoo! Impromptu daytrip!

Varr randomly got today off, so we jumped in the Mazda and headed down to Bisbee. We went on the mine tour, did some shopping, ate ice cream, and generally had a nice time. On the way home, I determined that I am officially going to make it a goal to try merchanting at SC 2012, if I can convince Amy to take on the waterbearing. Varr says he'll come with me to help out, as long as I stay off the field. I'm going to focus on hats and bags, more wool and silk than acrylic. He thinks it would be fine to do the squeaky toys, I'm not so sure they're appropriate for an SCA event. I'll investigate and make a decision somewhere down the line. I've seen stuff that's less period, but I don't want to be "that guy". I especially don't want Varr going off on somebody who accuses us of being "that guy".

And now I'm tired, cause it was a long day and all I had between breakfast and half an hour ago was ice cream, and that was not bueno. I think I had a little trouble with the altitude in Bisbee too. I kept get randomly short of breath and light headed. I also appear to be allergic to Himalayan salt crystal lamps. I touched one, then started sneezing, got the stingy sinuses and my eyes felt weird. We almost got one too.

I am off to round up stuff to wear tomorrow and get my gear ready and what-not. If you are at M&GS, I will be delivering the underpants gnome to Reynier. He is kind of cute, even if he's lumpy and misshapen.

Holy crap

So sick of this weather. Sick of this town, sick of myself. Bleah. Everything is swampy. I stick to the chair and the couch and myself. Yuck.

In less whiny news, I've been doing my shoulder exercises a little more faithfully and have managed to hook my own bra three days in a row. Don't laugh, this is a huge accomplishment for me. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of pain. I've been working on a rather massive crochet project and I think that's the problem. My elbow hurts, and I am completely unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in. No matter how I lay, something hurts. Frequently the inside of my elbow. So, yay for slightly increased range of motion, boo for continued pain. I go see Glen on Friday, and I hope it helps. The last couple times, he hasn't actually reset my shoulder, and I'm not sure what's up with that.

I'm still cranking away trying to amass stock so that I can eventually sell stuff. I keep coming back to this whole craft fair idea and I'm pretty determined this time. I might even consider SCA merchanting. I think I could possibly do Highlands and maybe Southern, if Amy wanted to step up and do the waterbearing. I could probably get away with hats and pouches, but the squeaky toys, while cute and popular with my SCAdian friends, are not so much medieval and probably wouldn't be appropriate. Eh, we'll see. The first thing I need to do is finish Reynier's gnome. I have decided it's going to be an underpants gnome and will come complete with a little bag of doll underpants. I may have to spring for some of the Buildabear variety, since I'm not sure where to find just plain doll undies and do not have the ambition to make them myself.

Waffle appears to have had a fabulous time at Pennsic. Sly seems to have squired him with a red plastic lei. I commented to Varr that I never thought Sly had any particular use for me and his reply was, "What makes you think this changes that?" Which made me laugh. I'm not picking on Sly, we just don't know each other well, but I can see him having a Waffle moment that's not much related to me. Vallawulf wants to take him to Sport of Kings, but that would involve me getting the frog to him within the next couple days, and then Vallawulf promptly returning the frog so he can go to PAX with Willa and Dom. PAX trumps Sport of Kings, since he will be buttoneering and the buttons are made. Waffle may just end up going to Mace and Greatsword on Saturday with me.

Well, the weather seems to be moving in on my side of town and soon we will start the FP on or off dance. Right now I could go either way. I have stuff to deliver and receive, but I'm not real motivated to load the truck, don't feel like getting rained on, and I'm low on freezer pops and don't feel like seeing the pouty faces if I run out. Eh. We'll see what happens.

Because I can do things besides whine

I finished a squeaky gnome for Thegn Gunnar yesterday and posted a picture this morning. He seems to like it.

My package from Lacis showed up last night with my rosewood and bone crochet hooks and I've been working on a dark red octopus that will have skulls on the tentacles. I like it. I also like the coil-less safety pins as stitch markers. The yarn doesn't get snagged in the coil and they're easy to use.

I found a pattern on the Red Heart yarn site for "Gnorbert the Gnome". He's about 16" tall and I have decided to make him for Reynier, just cause I think it would be cool. I need to go plumb the depths of the stash for appropriate material.

Varr has challenged me to lose 8 pounds by our California vacation. My reward is a whale watching cruise out of Rainbow Harbor. Really gotta start eating my veggies. I've been slacking horribly lately. I've learned my lesson on the grains, a couple of times over, but I'm just sort of squeaking by on all protein, too much dairy, and other less good stuff. Gotta get back on track. Walkies got all messed up during the car buying process, but those seem to be going well again. Jack does most of it with his leash trailing behind him and the only issue we've had is a couple of dogs, completely off-leash, who came running across Limberlost to check him out and he snapped at one when it got too close. Jack apparently decided he was going to head for home instead of responding to our commands to come back to us. He doesn't really "go after" other dogs, and is frequently happy enough to ignore them and go on his way, but he does snap if they insist on checking him out. He's also afraid of toddlers. I think it's because they're close to his eye level and it's a dominance thing. He's really turning out to be a much better pet than I expected though. Yesterday he was the good dog and Pete was a jerk all day, barking at nothing in the back yard most of the day and leaving a "gift" for me in the living room.

I got email from Varr a little bit ago that he will be home from work by 3pm and we are going on a movie date with some passes he got from...somewhere. Cowboys and Aliens. I really hope it's not 3D. I'm sick of 3D movies. Avatar was stunning, but it's SERIOUSLY getting overused. I also kind of wish I could still eat popcorn. And I'm debating soda. I've made progress on the "only on the weekends" thing, although I've had some slips lately, mostly due to some issues that have just seemed to require me to comfort myself with my beloved diet Coke. I think this week, the weekend will consist of today and tomorrow.

And here's some pics -Collapse )

State of the Blossom

So I told someone that I expected them to keep their journal up because I enjoy reading it, but I apparently don't feel the same obligation, so here goes.

I've been making lots of stuff lately. I really want to get involved in craft fairs, cause I think the stuff I make would probably sell fairly well in person. Etsy has been a complete failure for me. There is sooo much stuff there that it's hard to get noticed, and my stuff is "cute" and "impulsive" and loses it's allure once you add in shipping. I think it would be much easier to get someone to part with $5 once they've picked it up and squeaked it, than if they just see a picture and and then have to add a couple bucks for shipping and then wait a couple days to play with it. A web presence would still be good, for advertising, and because I could take paypal, and I'm I could make a few sales that way. Right now I'm kind of concentrating on building up stock while I figure out the rest of what I need to do to get started. I think I need to either make sure my business license is still good or get a new one, and I might have to reapply for the state license, since I surrendered the one I had because I sucked at filing the returns because I never actually sold anything. Apparently you can file online now, so that'll make it easier.

In other news, I'm still walking, although we've not been consistent about it the last week or two because of the weather and general laziness. I've done really well about ditching the grains because I now know they make me sick. I know consider them in the same category as crustaceans, and it's just not worth it. I'm not doing that well at eating enough veggies and I have been eating ice cream and too much fruit. We're on the Bountiful Baskets again. I'm just having a hard time making myself get off my butt and make the salads and veggies I need. I hate this weather. The heat and humidity just suck the life out of me. I am pretty determined not to go back to where I was though, so I'm still trying. We didn't do our whole three miles this morning, but we still went out, despite a lingering headache from last night's storm. Hopefully we can get back to some nice dry weather in a couple of weeks and things'll get easier.

I've also come to realize that our house is not as cluttered and awful as it has been in the past. I've still got to get the sewing room mucked out, but that is definitely going to wait until the weather improves.

And here's some bonus pics of the stuff I've been making.

State of the Blossom

All y'all are stuck with me a little longer. My cholesterol is down to merely "high" as opposed to "retarded-stupid-why-are-you-still-walking-around". My triglycerides are under 250, down from over 400 in March, 900 in January, and too high to be measured before that. My blood sugar is still so-so, due mostly to slacking off on my Victoza shots and eating like an idiot. My weight was up a little, due mostly to not walking, which is due to lack of motivation, which may be related to my thyroid no longer being overtreated. Lower thyroid leads to more tired and less ambition, which leads to less exercise, which is a vicious circle. I'm going back on phentermine to maybe kick start a few pounds coming back off, which should lead to more energy and more exercise. I just really don't want to cook or eat my veggies these days. It's not even a hunger thing, it's mental, but it all takes energy to make it happen, and hopefully that'll help get things rolling. I probably will never stop backsliding periodically, but every time I get started again before I lose too much ground.

I have some exercises to strengthen my rotator cuff, which should help with the shoulder thing. I'm beyond tired of my entire life revolving around my stupid right arm. How much is it going to hurt to hook my bra, get something off a shelf, pick something up or turn the steering wheel? Is it going to do the random stabby pain thing all day? Am I going to be able to get comfortable enough to sleep tonight? Feh. Boring. It's improving, but soooo slowly, and it doesn't help that I chicken out of the exercises because they make it throb more later. I have some more muscle relaxants, so hopefully that'll help me sleep and that'll improve a lot of things. I actually have not napped at all today and that's unusual for me. Between that and the flexeril, I'm hoping for a good night's sleep tonight and that should make for a better day tomorrow.

I'm still fighting the diet Coke addiction and failing. I'm not keeping it in the house anymore, but I still buy one whenever I'm out. I need to drink more tea and actually give the flavored seltzer more of a chance. I've got a bunch in the fridge that I just never seem to get around to drinking. I've been slacking on the V8 too, and that's such a stupid simple way to get veggies in. I think I don't like the low sodium unless I add hot sauce, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce and that's just kind of a pain.

I found a copy of The Eat Clean Diet Recharged as an ebook through the library and checked it out. I'll look at that tomorrow and see what I find. Most of it is nothing miraculous or esoteric, it's just a matter or putting in the effort - to walk, to get the veggies in the house, to prepare them, and then to eat them. It works. It works amazingly well, I guess I just get bored or feel entitled or I don't know what. It's okay to start over though. It's not about how many times you fall down, but how many you get back up, and I am going to be a weeble and keep rolling back up. Darn it.

And now I have to fold laundry before Varr gets home, pick up all the crap Jack dragged all over the living room while we were gone on Easter Sunday and yesterday night, and go pick my scrips so I can has sleep tonight and appetite suppressant tomorrow and so I can keep moving so I don't die.


This being healthy thing is tiring. I just made snacks to take to MWW tomorrow, including teriyaki green beans and artichoke hearts marinated in balsamic vinaigrette. I also filled up the crockpot with fixins for chicken chili that'll cook all day while I'm gone tomorrow and drive Varr and his parents nuts. I discovered a box from Boudin's Bakery on the front porch this afternoon, so there has to be something to put in the bread bowls SOMEONE ordered when we got back from Disneyland. All that took a surprising amount of time in the kitchen.

Tomorrow's day trip means I won't have time to walk, since I'm leaving at about 7.30am. Sunday I think we're going to to go a little longer than our usual three miles though. We've been pretty good since we got back, and we were very good while we were gone. The only days we didn't walk in the morning were days we went to Disneyland, and that generally involves a fair amount of walking. It's all definitely paying off though.

I'm starting to make some progress on giving up the diet Coke. I'm drinking flavored seltzer with berries in it instead, and that's working out pretty well for me. It gives me the fizz without the sweeteners and the phosphoric acid. I'll probably never give it up completely, but I can at least cut back on it.

And now that I've put in all this effort, I'm tired. Time for jammies, with bed soon to follow.


Baby Kemp is on the way! Should be here by this evening!

T. G. T. T. T.

Or, Thank God They're Tiling Today. Varr and his sister are upstairs working on the bathroom floor. Yay. Yesterday was made completely of boredom and annoyance. We never went walkies, there was munching all day, no one got out of their pajamas until after 11am and we spent an hour watching Varr play Lego Harry Potter on the Wii before moving on to a documentary about the fall of the Third Reich, and then, finally watching Tangled. I eventually convinced Varr to take me out to Velona, the hippy dippy health food store, frozen yogurt and Petco. Waffle has a new harness, I got some yarn, and we got some awesome smoked tomato hummus and some guacamole. When we got home around 3pm, Danelle was finally showered and dressed and we headed off to Disneyland for dinner at Blue Bayou. Varr and I did not split a dinner and we had some ugliness where he blamed me for being stupid when he was the one mis-using a term (no dear, I'm not playing games with you, we talked about filet and short ribs all day and the NY strip you are now talking about is neither of those things), but then we went on some rides and it was pretty cool.

8pm is really early for the park to close. And it doesn't really. There were still people in line and on rides at 8.05 and by the time we made it to the front, there were still tons of people in line at the ice cream place. There were actually still people trying to head into the park from the parking garage when we finally got there. I think the best part of Disneyland is how rarely you walk into a cloud of cigarette smoke. Unfortunately, there are LOTS of perfume clouds. It's kind of the opposite of Estrella. Lots of people walking around with cigarettes there, not so much with the wearing body spray and cologne and all that crap.

I've been doing okay on watching my diet. Danelle is on board and likes what I've been making. Varr's in vacation mode and wanting ice cream and burgers and snacks and stuff. We've been walking though. I think tomorrow I'm going to take my camera and get some pics of the park we've been using. There's trees and ponds and ducks. Jack has been chasing the ducks. Thank heavens for the leash, cause he can almost get them and I have no idea what would happen next. There's another path closer to the house that runs up a little canyon through a bunch of trees and past a creek. It's pretty, but it's almost entirely uphill and I thought my heart was going to pop like a balloon. It's also less than half of what we normally walk. I'm not sure how I feel about doing that one again. I did actually recover faster than I thought I would on the downhill stretch back home, but I was sucking wind at the top.

While the tiling is happening, I'm fixing to run down to Ralph's so I can grab a lime for teriyaki green beans and I need to look for some form of fizzy beverage. I'm still trying to cut back on the diet Coke, but I really like the carbonation. I'm going to try looking for the fruit flavored seltzers with no sugar, or maybe just plain and I can mix it with tea or something. We picked up a huge thing of strawberries at Costco and I can float a couple of those in my glass. I love it when they do it at the yogurt shop, I might as well do it at home.

And now, they're done tiling for today, so my Blossom time is over. Alas. I think Varr's going to buy me a new desperately needed undergarment or two though, so I'm good with that.

Feb. 8th, 2011

I am really kind of scared that I'm going to come back from Estrella beaten, battered in broken in truly spectacular ways.